Chronic simmering inflammation is the root cause of all your Dis-Ease

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Do you experience any of these inflammation based symptoms?

Chronic Fatigue

It's more than just feeling tired. It's an unending lack of energy that continues even after rest. It's struggling to get out of bed, feeling worn out before the day has even started.

Brain Fog

A frustrating state where your mind won't cooperate. Concentration is a struggle, and you're left feeling disconnected and lost in your own thoughts. It's a haze that turns even simple decisions into a maze.

Chronic Bloating & Gas

It's more than just an uncomfortable sensation. It's a constant feeling of fullness & tightness with a belly that refuses to deflate. It can make you self-conscious, anxious, and disrupt your daily activities.

Muscular Aches & Pains

They're not just random discomforts that come with age. They're relentless, often making simple daily tasks feel like climbing a mountain.


Managing this condition requires constant vigilance. It's a relentless cycle of blood sugar monitoring, careful meal planning, and regular medication.

Rheumatoid Arthiritis

This isn't just about joint pain. It's about battling inflammation that can limit mobility and functionality, affecting your quality of life.


It's not just sneezing or itching. Living with allergies is like a never-ending battle against triggers in your food & environment that can unexpectedly leave you feeling miserable and worn down.

Pulmonary Disease

It's a daily struggle for breath. Activities most people take for granted, like walking or climbing stairs can become a challenge. It feels like drowning on dry land, a dreadful experience that no one should endure.

Food Intolerance

It's a constant detective game, identifying what foods cause distress and discomfort. It can turn something as joyful as eating into a source of anxiety, forcing you to think twice before every bite.

We Understand. Its Not Easy Dealing With Ailments

These conditions aren't just inconveniences; they are disruptive, intrusive villains robbing you of your rightful joy and vitality. But the truth is, they're mere messengers. Symptoms that signal an underlying problem. And the surprising common thread linking them all? CHRONIC SIMMERING INFLAMMATION! Which ALWAYS begins in the gut!

Our health isn't a solitary function; it's an intricate web of interconnections. Your gut health, your inflammation levels, your emotional well-being, they're all bound together. By addressing the root cause of your Dis-Ease (Gut Health) you can unravel the web of symptoms and reclaim your life, one vibrant, energized day at a time.


Ahlaam Ali

I am a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Nutritionist, Gut Specialist and your partner on this journey to rediscover your health. Through a combination of personal experience, rigorous study and research, I've developed a deep understanding of how life events and stress can disrupt our bodies' natural balance.

I understand how deeply frustrating it can be when your health is not at its peak, when you feel unheard, or when traditional medicine falls short of providing the answers you desperately seek. I've worked with countless people who've experienced such challenges and their stories, like yours, are unique and significant.

Life often throws us curveballs - chronic illnesses, unexplained weight gain, emotional stress or simply a feeling of imbalance. It's not just the physical symptoms, it's also the emotional toll it takes and the strain it puts on your daily life.

I'm here to guide you beyond treating symptoms to help you uncover root causes. Let's navigate the path to wellness together.

To understand more about why I'm so passionate about this, I invite you to explore my personal journey.


For several weeks after my first meeting with Ahlaam Ali there was no improvement either in my physical condition or my general feeling of well being. This was because I did not commit myself to her programme and without commitment there is no pay back. I finally found a second gear and combined Ahlaam’s recipes and her words of wisdom (her soul food?).

After several 1 to 1 consultations where Ahlaam listened carefully to what I was looking for she very cleverly adapted her Power Eating programme to accommodate some Detox guidelines. I then started to go to the gym and combined with her new nutrition plan the results started to improve almost immediately. Six weeks later and seven kilos lighter I feel so much better – my yearly medical check-up last week showed better BP, BMI, no cholesterol problems and a more relaxed heart beat than this time 12 months ago. 

Joe McKeever

I've tried *almost* every diet out there. Nothing, nothing, nothing gives me energy or makes my mind sharp in the way The Power Eating program does. Amazing. An original, distinctive, and highly satisfying diet plan , every week, Ahlaam Ali ,creator of Power Eating keeps me inspired and motivated, and ,helps put things in perspective.

From the start Ahlaam taught me good eating habits and reasonable portions , and I've found that even small changes to my food habits ( no starving, include good carbs etc) can make a world of difference .I would recommend this to anyone who has to lose weight because I've done it and it works, In 16 weeks I have lost 34" all over my body. Each week when I leave my measuring  session I am just so proud of ME and thankful for having found Ahlaam.

Pooja Jaisingh

You Are Not Alone

  • 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic gastrointestinal diseases. 
  • 11% of the world population is affected by IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome).
  • People with gastrointestinal disorders have 21.2% lower productivity compared to those without these disorders.

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